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Watching Aronofski's Black Swan for only the second time (the first one being right when it premiered, on the winter of 2010). After a great deal of huge expectations that now seem to have build up all along the fall of 2010, I remember I was quite disappointed after I watched the picture. Given that I really like Aronofski, especially his 2008 feature, The Wrestler, I naturally expected to be emotionally touched somewhat in a similar manner.

So here I am, initially planning on watching it for a study on the modern approach towards choreography, then being drawn by some other aspects (not just this whole "depressing February" thing), such as the newly discovered (sic - just a coincidence?) article on the "48 hidden images in Black Swan", by Sati Margaret [i].

It's all a bit funny that I watched Black Swan today - on an unrelated level - because it's Feb 14 and all, and because today TV1000 features two films starring Vincent Cassel, i.e., Sur mes levres (2001) and L'Appartement (1996).

Oh, and of course there's Winona Ryder <3.

The part when Thomas is talking to Nina about sex is similar in construction w/ the initial discussion about training between Frankie and Maggie, in Million Dollar Baby:

"[...] never had any (boss)."

And the mother and daughter relationship is similar to the one presented by Brian de Palma, in Carrie.

Beth was destructive, self-destructive, a "kamikaze woman", as Woody Allen would say.


-- Feb 14, 2013.

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